EPlanFlow is the tool developed for the RE-INVEST project. It will enable the user to do advanced smart energy system analysis, by both including the integrated energy system within a country, and the influence of transmission lines between countries. This is done by combining the capabilities of investigating sector integration analysis in EnergyPLAN, developed by Aalborg University, and PowerFLOW’s ability to assess electricity flow between countries depending on transmission capacities. PowerFLOW is developed by Aarhus University.


Overview of the operation of EPlanFlow

The user defines EnergyPLAN scenarios (green box) and transmission capacities (olive green box). Based on a web based user interface (blue box), the system runs EnergyPLAN (blue box), generates an internal output (blue circle) of marginal cost curves for the PowerFLOW to optimize between. Based on this, a new cost curve is fed back into EnergyPLAN that results in a balanced EnergyPLAN for each energy system (brown hexagon).