RE-INVEST co-organised a session at the Policy Conference on Thursday 20 June 2019 at 14.00 – 15.30 in Brussels, Belgium.

The session titled “Challenges in pathways towards 100% renewable energy system” had as focus:

– to showcase the evidence-based feasibility of smart energy system approach in energy planning and modelling,
– to promote the inclusion of different modelling scopes in the creation of energy polices,
– to advocate the importance of double energy efficiency measures on demand and supply side, and
– to highlight the need for insight on the technology costs and the energy policies effectiveness.

Access the agenda and presentations:

Brian Vad Mathiesen – Modelling Smart Energy Systems and the supply chain effects of Energy efficiency. What are the contibutions of RE‐INVEST and sEEnergies projects

Paul Ekins – Understanding the technologies and policies for deep decarbonisation in Europe and integrated modelling of the pathways

Christian Breyer – Modelling 100% Renewable Energy, Highlighting some sector coupling effects

Marta Victoria – RE‐INVEST project: Exploiting sector synergies and countries interconnections to decarbonise the energy systems

Bernd Möller – The role of energy mapping in modelling

You can replay the session here.

For speakers and more details about the session click here.

Filled-up room for the session
Speakers and guest during the panel discussion.